St Tropez, France

Named after the saint, Saint Torpez, gladiator and attendant to Nero, St. Tropez, France has long gone from a small fishing village to this celebrity tourist’s destination that you have been hearing about. This side of France is a little wild, crazy and somewhat isolated as St. Tropez could only be accessed easily by boat and roads are narrow to ever consider driving around a car.

St. Tropez is busy at high months of summer with visiting celebrities and tourists alike. With these months, it is harder to make it there unless you bring your own yacht. If you are visiting during these months, don’t forget to pack infinite amount of money as prices skyrocket up into the sky. Plan your visit around spring or autumn when restaurants and accommodations are more affordable and beaches are more inviting to truly experience St. Tropez.

Private beaches sit side by side with those available to public. Most of these beaches do not mind people bathing and sun tanning naked. So, if you are a conservative tourist, this area may not work for you. Baie de Pampelonne or Grania for locals is where the beaches are located. It offers many private and public properties along its coast.

La Plage de Tahiti, home to the best beach club Le Club 55, is the most charming stretch of beach in St. Tropez. Visit Vieux Port to experience St. Tropez in its classical description, yacht, beach, celebrities and much more bodies. Getting bored at nights is never a problem in St. Tropez as it specializes in night life. Bars and clubs dotted the city a great deal. Check out Les Caves du Roy at Hotel Byblos for a party to last your lifetime.

If you are visiting with kids in tow, it is much better to bring them in a more wholesome environment such as the museums. St. Tropez has its own share of museums to be proud of. Citadel is a maritime museum that opens daily. Musée de l’Annonciade is an old chapel turned into a museum, west of the port that highlights the works of famous artists like Signac and Matisse. Former home to photographer JH Lartigue, La Maison des Papillons has been converted to a beautiful museum that housed an extensive collection of some 4,500 species of butterflies; some of them are endangered and collected by the noted photographer himself.

Stop by at Place des Lices Market, opens Tuesdays and Saturdays. The place is an open-air market selling different good items that St. Tropez offers. Cars are not advisable in this area so better walk or paddle your way with a bike.

Sights to behold in St. Tropez, France are the Chapelle de la Miséricorde, Château Suffren and Quartier de la Ponche. Chapelle de la Miséricorde is an impressive chapel located near the port and one of the most beautiful baroque buildings in the world. On the other hand, Château Suffren is one of the oldest landmarks in St. Tropez. Popular antique shops can be found here. Being the most stunning section in St. Tropez, the Quartier de la Ponche is a cobblestoned street highlighting restaurants, diners, shops and hotels.

Many quality merchandises are offered by St. Tropez and most of the famous products are locally made. Cogolin has been famous for their pipes for centuries. Kiwi is where the bathing suits come from. Handmade, thick-soled Tropezienne sandals are bought from Rondini for $85. Towels, bathrobes and linens come from Stranos and the mouth watering pastry tarte Tropezienne are sold in Boulevard Louis Blanc and Place des Lices. Lovely olive oils, popular throughout the region can be obtained at O & Co. store.


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